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✔ Individual Counseling

✔ Couples Counseling

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Our Mission Statement

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As a licensed therapist my purpose is to provide an uplifting and nurturing environment for families, couples and individuals that meets them where they are. I aim to support people in a way that is authentic, and refreshing familiar. With me, therapy is human exchange that engenders respect, encouragement, creativity, sincerity, and above all else, professionalism.

Fabienne Fredrickson

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The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat fruit.

The Fruit & Vibe Workbook

The time has come for you to live a more fruitful and vibrant life. 

If you ever feel stuck in your life season right now, know that you are in the most awesome avenue to be planted and to grow. 

I wrote The Fruit & Vibe Workbook with this very intention, to walk you through the amazing journey of a vibrant life from nurturing the soil that you’re currently in up to the proper care of the wonderful fruits you bear. You will see that you, too, have your own unique timeline of blooming, and you can bloom beautifully!

Do you want to start your own journey to vibrancy?

Download your copy of The Fruit & Vibe Workbook today.

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Image by Wes Hicks


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Therapy for California residents only
Coaching services worldwide.

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