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"The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat fruit."


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The Fruited Place 

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My Colleagues’ Experiences

I have worked with Stacy McCall-Martin for 7.5 years. In that time I have seen how caring, empathetic, passionate, and professional she is. I refer a lot of people to her because I have the confidence to know that they will be in the capable hands of one of the best therapists I know.

Melissa Vaswani, LMFT

Stacy is a one of a kind therapist whose clinical practice is reflective of the authentic, caring and insightful person she is. I especially appreciate Stacy's ability to say exactly what you need to hear, when and how you need to hear it. Stacy is a very experienced, competent, and passionate therapist who was born to do this work.

Aqila Armstrong, LMFT

Stacy is a non-nonsense therapist who prides herself on being compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable! She is highly skilled and focused on providing therapy that will empower her clients with self reflection , Self esteem and Skills to embrace their challenges, develop positive coping skills and live the highest quality of life !

Cansenna C Lacy RN

Stacy cares deeply about those she provides services for. As her client, she will join you in your journey to living a more fulfilling life. She will partner up with you, guide you and empower you to better manage life's stressors and live your best life!

Evelyn Saavedra-Funes, LMFT

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Therapy for California residents only
Coaching services worldwide.

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