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Coping Skills

Coping skills, defined by me, are anything you do and think of that relaxes or calms you. I have a list of 99 coping skills I love to give out to clients. That is a lengthy list, but still not all inclusive. Some of my favorite ones are watching movies, cooking and baking, doing my nails at home, and singing. Some work better when I'm bored instead of frustrated. Some work better when I'm pissed off than exhausted. But none of them work as best as this one: Just be.

The simplest way I can explain "just be" is to give an example. The other day I was sweeping my stairs/porch and I prayed for those who'll come up-and-down them. And that felt so good. It was a simple, yet powerful moment for me. In the midst of busyness, and a sense of hurry, I found a few seconds to slow down enough to pray, and to pray for others. Those few seconds began to shift my mood, refresh, and energize me in a way that a list of 99 coping skills could not do. I just was. I pray, and have faith in God. A time where I could just be Stacy, and not a mom, wife, sister friend was so revitalizing. Don't get me wrong, I love being all those roles. But I know I cannot fulfil them well if I don't take time to be me. Awkward black girl, faithfilled, corny, smart, helpful, thoughtful. I'm all that. But I can also be tired, and disappointed, and rushed. Taking time for me and me alone is enough.

If you find time today to slow down enough to just be please do. Take all of it in. Those moments may be fleeting, but you have the authority to press pause, breathe, and just be you.

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