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Every woman you know seems to be blooming beautifully. But you? I promise you are too. Each of us has our own unique journey that allows for growth and fruiting at a specified time. You’re feeling stuck? Good. Feeling stuck is an awesomely amazing place to be planted. Growth happens after we acknowledge that what we want for our lives is not what we currently have.


The Journey to Vibrancy is a self-help book to guide you as you journey from a place of lack and frustration, to joy and abundance. Each phase highlighted is to validate, encourage, and challenge you to grow right where you are planted. There is beauty in the breaking. This colorful and no-nonsense text was crafted for those women who desire to live with bold confidence by:

  • Acknowledging behaviors that keep them from the life they deserve
  • Developing awareness that changes their current circumstance
  • Cultivating routines that engender peace and self-assurance


In this transparent guide, author Stacy McCall-Martin plants seeds of hope, waters them with encouragement, and allows space for vibrancy to unfold. She shares life-lessons that inspire readers to root with intention.

The Journey to Vibrancy - Cultivating a Life of Fruitfulness

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