The beginning always starts with a strength-based check in. Listing the positive events that occurred since the last session helps set the tone for a mindset shift. We address new problems collaboratively, reviewing skills and tools that may be helpful. Then we end with a self-selected therapy assignment to practice the new skills." and "couples therapy"


The couple is asked to picture, and then verbalize the best outcome for therapy. From here we develop a realistic, attainable, time sensitive goal. I help to facilitate the conversation that addresses patterns of problem behaviors and encourage creative solutions where possible. Please note there is a No Secrets Policy for this modality. 


 Parenting issues can lead to stress. This stress may manifest through worry, depression, irritability, or anger. Some situations can also cause grief, depression, or posttraumatic stress. These usually involve the loss of a child or partner. When these conditions go untreated, it may impact the well-being of any other children. Therapy can help address and treat these issues.