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A Lifestyle of Prioritized Rest
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Individual Coaching Package
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Why you should Join?

Embark on a journey to embrace a life of prioritized rest, because let's face it, you're tired of juggling roles and being a constant BOSS. In a world that demands your energy, this coaching package isn't just about self-care; it's a personalized approach, merging industry research and real-life experiences. Together, we'll empower you to prioritize radical self-care, ensuring you live the life you truly deserve.

Available coaching packages?
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Unleash the power of intentional rest with our transformative coaching packages! Choose between a 6-month journey for $5000 USD or a 3-month journey for $3000 USD. Invest in yourself because, trust us, you're worth it.

With weekly virtual meetings we will:

  • Assess your strengths and needs + identify what’s working

  • Create a tailored plan to abandon patterns/ routines that exhaust and deplete you and replace with boundaries, and RESTorative activities (this may require you GTKY and what you like)

  • Engage in practice work to prepare for the push-back from loved ones and organizations that benefit from your exhaustion

  • Identify trustworthy people and spaces you frequent and develop a sustainable routine of contact

  • Develop a realistic + sustainable concept of luxury so you may normalize indulgence (this is very subjective, Sis, but absolutely necessary...also, luxury does not mean expensive, mmkay?)

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Select Coaching Package:

Choose one: 6-month Coaching - $5000 USD / 3-month Coaching - $3000 USD

Payment information:

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By clicking 'Purchase,' you confirm your commitment to prioritize your well-being and embark on a transformative journey with us. 

Thank you for choosing radical self-care!

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