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Embracing a Well-Rested Summer: How to Navigate through Nostalgia and Mental Wellness

Summer is upon us, and nostalgia is spreading. Will this be a summer you want to remember or one you would rather bury in forgetfulness?


The summer tends to evoke a strong desire for ease and warmth. We long to be in spaces and in the company of people who make us feel loved, safe, and of course, indulging in delicious barbecues and perfectly made potato salads adds to the experience.

However, for those of us struggling to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, or ADHD, the summer season can unpredictably trigger us.

☑ Feelings of worthlessness may arise when we don't receive invitations to cookouts.

☑ Heightened restlessness and irritability can be experienced when numerous Want-To-Do events get calendared.

☑ Forgetfulness may become overwhelming when the desire for ease convinces us that writing things down is unnecessary.

If you are on this path, keep reading as I share with you practical ways to cultivate a well-rested summer, which include, minding our wellness, speaking life over our experiences, and remembering our why.

Minding Our Wellness

Mind your wellness by creating a regular practice of checking in with yourself - mind, body, and spirit. Utilizing a guided journal, body scanning, and adequate sleep can help you feel renewed enough to make intentional decisions about your summer plans.

Speaking Life Over Your Experiences

Learning to speak life over your experiences can be challenging at first. Many of us are well-versed in identifying the negatives in most situations. However, learning to acknowledge the things that are going well and verbalizing the hope we have for favorable outcomes can help create a more positive mindset. Cultivating a positive mindset takes time but is possible with intention and regularity. Using affirmations, Bible verses, and favorite quotes can make it easier to see the silver linings more readily in everyday circumstances.

Remembering Our Why

Remembering our why allows us to focus on the initial reason why we started to initiate change. Creating vision boards, setting timelines, and making SMART goals are accessible ways to stay encouraged in the changes we are committed to making. Sharing our vision board ideas and goals with supportive individuals creates accountability, which makes it more likely for us to follow through with the desired changes.

A well-rested summer doesn't come easily. It requires intention, consistency, and effective strategies that empower us. But when nurtured diligently, a well-rested summer could be a summer worth remembering.

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